Can anyone help guide me on shipping….? 15-25kg packages, too big to be little, too little to be big….

My googlefu is normally really strong but I am struggling here.

I order a lot of samples from China for custom made prodcuts. These packages are usually in the range of 15-25kg; too small for sea shipping.

But I'm getting a massive variance in shipping rates from sellers. I just paid $175 for a 14kg package that shipped on Thurs…and arrived this morning! This was the highest I ever paid for shipping but also the fastest. This was DHL but when I get a quote, it says $473 for the same shipping. I don't get it.

Another seller sent me 22kg (minimum size, my box actually weighed less) for $60 by sea but that "arrived" in the port an hour away from me three weeks ago and is still sitting in the port. I don't mind waiting 60 days for some samples so this was a good savings but sometimes I need the sample quickly.

But the main factory I'm working with can't seem to find anything reasonable. They have quoted me 105cny/kg ($15.75/kg) air shipping which is insane to me. To save, they recommended a sea shipper charging $12/kg (lol wut? For sea??)

I've tried getting quotes for these sized packages and I either get small courier services (who say my package is too heavy) or huge freight services who quote me $1000 to ship 17kg (I assume my package is too small for them).

How do I find a good rate for a 15-25kg package to Southern California?

Any guidance appreciated!

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