Finding a Product and My Plan

I am a full time student wanting to start an online business to make a decent income and gain valuable experience.

Something that I am having trouble with is getting started, and by this I mean finding a product. What process did you use to find a product that you were interested in that performed well? I know that I must find a solution to a problem and I hope I figure that out eventually, but what practical steps did you take to help you find both the problem and solution, and from that your product?

I am looking forward to this opportunity and I believe I can perform well after I start to learn more. After all, I have about all the time in the world these next 2 months before school begins. I have been pondering the idea of drop shipping, but have decided to order in bulk with personal branding and hold my own inventory to avoid long shipping times. I am willing to start with a max of $1000.

Also, I am in Canada and are there any suppliers you recommend that aren’t based in China? Right now I’m planning on using Alibaba but if I can use an alternate supplier in the US or Canada that would be better.

I truly think I have a shot at this but if I’m heading in the wrong direction please let me know.

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