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To find a product, first determine your target audience (age, gender, and interests). Then, either choose a product that you are familiar with or enjoy so that when you showcase it, you can put yourself into it and persuade others to believe in it, or choose a product that is either an essential tool, a wow factor, or something new on the market.

For example, suppose you have a plastic ball-looking object with your controller inside it; if you anger and hurl it, the controller will not shatter. Given how often people smash their controllers after losing a game, this is essentially a wow factor. It's also something novel.

Following the completion of the first phase, the second portion of the product search is presented. Go to the big shops like eBay and Amazon and check their top selling products. After that, you must google the top selling products to see what websites are selling them, how much they are selling them for, the rank of the websites, the revenue, and the platform they are using, and then compare the websites.

Third, congratulations on finding your product; now you must find a provider. Suppliers can be located on Chinese websites such as Alibaba and others. If you go to websites like Alibaba, make sure to verify the company's data, such as their net worth, staff count, the company's duration, and, most importantly, the credentials they have.

Also, while looking for a supplier, it is preferable to go via Alibaba or Aliexpress because the quality is the same and most vendors in the US and Canada have purchased from China themselves. To simplify things for you, I've broken it down. You are constantly dealing with intermediaries that want to make money on Aliexpress, so it will be somewhat more costly, but not in such a manner that it will alter your price depending on the goods.

Other suppliers that require a plugin to buy from on Shopify, for example, most of them are headquartered in the United States or Canada, but their items are from China, and if the products are not from China and are not from the United States or Canada, they will be more costly. Not to mention that depending on the plugin, you will have to pay for it.

Fourth, congratulations on finding a source and a product; now it's time to design and brand the store. You'll need to come up with a name for your brand, as well as a style and aims to display them all. You should also have a logo that fits the product and a brand name that is connected to it in a way that will pique people's interest. After that, you will design the website in a current and user-friendly manner, After deciding on a name for the logo and the website, and after designing the website, you'll need to design the logo that will suit the website and the brand. After that, you'll need to add content to the website and ensure that it's all SEO friendly and fully optimized so search engines can easily pick up your product. It won't be easy at first, but you'll get the hang of it.

Writing blogs about your product/s will help rank your website so that when people Google how to use this product, your blog will show up. Not only is this good for organic traffic, but it can also help people understand your brand and they will buy it easily without hesitation depending on your blog/store quality.

Fifth, congratulations on finding a source for your goods and designing your store; now you'll need to know how to promote and exhibit the product on your shop website and social media, assuming you have $600 to spend. What you should do is run a $100 test on each ad to discover which one works best for your product, whether it's an influencer using it, a video displaying it with words, or just photos with or without words, After that, you'll need to check the dashboard's analytics, whether it's Google Analytics or whatever you'll be using, to see which one worked best for your product. Also, when advertising for the product, make sure to write interesting things in the ad caption to draw people in; you want to sell them a story so they'll buy it.

If your product is trusted and certified, you should add a certified/trusted badge to your website. This will increase people's trust in your website. Consider this a test tips and tricks method because there are more things you could do to increase the chances of people buying from you and returning.

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