How do you ground yourself when success is apparent?

Throwaway because I almost feel embarrassed. Single Member LLC tech sales biz (frequent this sub a lot on main account). I work full time (separately) as a engineer and do my sales on the side. My income from my engineering job is about $100k plus benefits. My take home is a little over $5k/mo after 401k, hsa, health insurance, blah blah. Completely separated financially from my side business.

I have been in business a little over a year, with a major focus starting Jan 1; My net profit has been steadily increasing month/month ($6k average) and I am approaching closer to 10k which has been directly proportional to my increased investments in inventory. I paid myself for the first time last month ($10k) and I am easily covering my CC's I use for inventory purchases/expenses/the works (I am still refusing to seed money into the business although I could really profit from a large cash investment).

My question is, with my business in this current state, HTF do you focus on your main job? How do you guys do it? I have the TIME to focus just cannot find the will power. My dad was a business man and passed away about 2 months ago so I cannot ask him his opinion but the last thing he told me was to "keep it on the side for now"; he was also very successful (completely unrelated fields of business) . I get it, "take a risk" but because of the TIME commitment (meaning I have ample time to actually work my main job) how do you get over the mental "holy F this might be a real thing, goodbye 9-5!"? There is just no way I am there after a year I cannot believe it and it is bothering me that it might be knocking on my door. This feels like a humble brag to me and it really bothers me because I Cannot talk to anybody about it. WTF

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