How to create a MOAT?

Lets say I have a Winner, its only a matter of time since a bunch of other copy-cats will flood the market and then it'll die pretty fast.

So I wonder, how does someone create a moat / increase the difficulty of entry for your future competition?

I have a few ideas myself, so I'm just gonna put them below, so don't mention anything I said below unless you have something to add.

My product is a Wow product, meaning it doesn't really solve any real problems. But this is the context of my question.

Couple basic ideas to avoid general / repeat answers:

  • If there is only 1 main / cheapest suppliers, try to get exclusivity (although I'd be surprised if suppliers actually follow it), talking from experience they don't really care even if they agreed to it. So this isn't very effective. (only talking about Chinese suppliers here)
  • Recreate / imporve upon the product (almost always too expensive and sometimes there's just nothing apart from quality to imporve upon)
  • Private labeling / slappinga logo on the product/packaging, might give you a few extra Trust points over the competition but I don't think its a needle mover (I could be wrong here, would love to hear what some people with experience say)
  • Custom creatives, UGC, videos/images using custom footage you paid for that was made specifically for you.

Would love to hear your guys ideas!

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