Hi guys, I own two small ecom stores (the smallest one is currently on stand-by) but this post will focus on my main one that is doing 10-12k/month in revenue.

I started dropshipping in Q3 2020, to see if there was demand for the products I was trying to sell. I kicked things off with the basic Fb ads+aliexpress beginner combo. On Q4 2020 I started to use a agent in china to fulfill my orders and use faster shipping. After confirming there was potential in this store, I started looking for 3PLs and on January 2021 and I bought bulk inventory and shipped it to a 3PL in the US. During Q1 2021 we started to think about growing this store and these are the things we improved so far:

  • Custom Packaging
  • Faster Shipping
  • Better content (For marketing and website)
  • Partnering with content creators
  • Migrating platforms (Woocommerce -> Shopify)
  • Bringing more people to the team (mainly for customer support)
  • Better website structure

But right now, I feel plateaued. I can still see the potentional in this store, but I dont know the exact next steps to take the store to the next level (20-30-40k/month). I feel like im lacking advice from someone who has done it in the past and thats why im reaching out to this sub. Thanks in advance!

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