SMS Strategies from Divatress

Thought you all might be interested in this episode of Cart Insiders with Divatress. They open up their SMS strategy.

The data all points in the same direction when it comes to SMS: it’s becoming a standard marketing channel. This time next year, marketers who don’t embrace it will find themselves well behind the game.

In 2020, ecommerce merchants sent 378% more texts to customers than they did the year prior, resulting in a 102% year-over-year increase in conversions. We’re confident numbers will only rise in 2021.

Divatress, a wig shop, jumped into SMS in 2020. They’re now close to the 70,000 subscriber mark, which constitutes 40% of their email subscribers.

Owner and founder Rob Lin discusses why he felt it was time to make the move. He explains how the messaging channel was a natural evolution for his audience, the ways he is utilizing it to spread the word about the brand, and why it is exceeding his expectations, plus:

  • What compels the marketing pros to sign up for a brand’s SMS alerts?
  • What role can data play in determining a company’s strategy around using SMS?
  • How can customer support through SMS help make a sale?
  • How can SMS be used to establish a level of comfort for the customer?
  • From a marketing standpoint, what is the most important thing to know about SMS?
  • Is there an ideal time to send SMS messages? *What are the SMS don'ts?

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