Selling off old jewelry inventory in large lots – best way to do this?

20 years ago my mother and I ran bead and jewelry businesses, selling (mostly) silver findings and glass beads. After suddenly ending the businesses, I ended up with a ton of stuff (300 lbs, $20k wholesale value or thereabouts) that I intended to get back around to selling but never did. I don't have any real interest in selling it (as a money-making activity). I have carted it around to 3 states and 5 houses and now I would just like it gone and have a reasonable (like wholesale) price for it.

Being that I don't know people locally to sell it to, and would have to bring people to the location it's stored at in order to sell it (and then they'll low ball me or I take the risk of some major scam – I don't know anything about protecting myself when selling in person), I was going to sell it online – maybe in about 20 lots of $500 each. I have an eBay account with over 10k positive feedback (almost all from before 2003) so it seemed the obvious choice. This is especially because I'm not sure what prices to ask, so seemed easiest to list it low and let people bid. But the more I read about eBay scams and how much it's changed and how the buyer always wins now, I am reluctant to sell that way and risk $500 at a time. [I listed one item the other day and already have what are probably two scam offers.] I could list on Etsy I suppose (sold only a few items there in the past) or some other site. I really am just looking for the best way to sell. I do have a real mix of value – like maybe one necklace I should sell by itself for $300, but then another lot of 30 lbs of beads that might not even be worth $300. I'd rather take a little less money than deal with a lot of bad experiences with scammers. Any ideas?

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