Good day to every member of r/ecommerce! I am sure that here are the most aware, erudite and intelligent people, that’s why I am here with you. I need a help with information about e-commerce sector in Finland.

Dear colleagues, I am investigating e-commerce market in Finland. Unfortunately i know very little information about those.,, are the biggest and the populous players in Finnish e-commerce sector.

I have searched the whole internet for the electronic resources describing the sector, but yet, haven’t succeeded in finding good one yet.

To be more precise: could you help and name the main business sources/journals etc. where the most actual, fresh and relevant information about e-commerce in Finland is published?

I am looking for something like “NewYork Times, Forbes, Fortune et. al” about e-commerce in Finland.

Thank you very very much in advance! Literally, you are my last chance, only you can help me to find a needle in thousand haystacks, you’re my shed of light in the darkness of infinite media resources…,, helsigin sanomat,, business finland <— are examples among 240 I found, but they do not contain fresh and relevant information and are not as qualitative as American analogues

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