How can I improve my about page content? What makes a good about photo?

I'm nearing launch and saved my about page for last. It's a one woman shop selling handmade malas and earrings. I pasted my current about spiel below. I'm open to any and all advice to improve! I am specifically wondering if it's too boring, personal and narrows my market too much?

"As a mom of two young kids, I like to have my meditation beads with me at all times to keep me grounded and centered. Traditional 108 bead malas were constantly being yanked at, tangled up, or in the way. I struggled to find a mala that wrapped comfortably around my wrist and settled on a slightly too tight, stretch cord style. That lasted until a swift tug by my 2 year old sent 108 beautiful turquoise beads flying. After that I made my first knotted, adjustable mala and [Business Name] was born."

I'm also looking for tips on what makes an about photo good, opinions on how many photos I should have and what kind of photo makes the most sense for my kind of shop. I'm leaning towards a lifestyle artsy kind of photo of me wearing the product and/or me actively working on products. Any other ideas? I think I need more text content than I currently have if I want to do more than one photo.

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