Trying to understand purpose Cin7, Gorgias, Redshift and Tableau

I’m certainly not in IT but the startup I’m working at is looking to implement some/all of these systems. I’m trying to gain an understanding of how the connect to one another and what their primary purpose is. Would appreciate any help and comments around whether some of these systems are truly needed.

We have about 10k sales transactions per month thru Shopify. May branch out to AMZ soon (struggling to keep inventory in stock right now is why we haven’t)

We have no system right now. Data is scattered everywhere.

Gorgias – close to implementing this

Cin7 – this would be the central system for the supply chain team, correct? They would handle all their Po’s, order management, inventory. My company is in the very early stages of talking with them.

Redshift – this would be our central depository of data, correct? We would build api and connections to this so we can build SQL and join the data to query off it. Is that correct?

Tableau- this is the end data visualization system. This would connect to redshift (but could connect to Spotify directly if that’s the only thing we wanted to query).

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