3.6X+ ROAS For a Denim Apparel DTC Brand with €11K+ in spends

We recently onboarded a European Denim apparel brand to scale up their ROAS. The KPI metrics were clear.

If you want to see the numbers…click here
➡️ Breakeven ROAS: 1.4X
➡️ Spends: Euros 5K+
➡️ ROAS in previous months: 3X….so anything above that is a welcome change.
We kept in mind that these were ‘Pre – Adpocalypse’ numbers so we set some conservative standards ourselves as well.


❌ ROAS goes down as scaling commences…especially since May❌ They didn’t have partners that can consistently scale and help provide sustainable profits…been burnt a lot


✔️ Great Branding
✔️ Amazing Products
✔️ Awesome Creatives
✔️ Good Customer Reviews/
✔️ Ton of historic data to play with.

Ads Success Strategy:

1. Set standards: This is an internal practice we recently started using for most of our clients, using Regression Analysis of past data to set standards for a successful ROAS campaign
❓ What range should the CTRs be in?
❓ How does the CPC impact the ROAS, positively or negatively?
❓ Appropriate range for CPVC,CPATC, CPIC…and every step of the funnel.
This way we know what are the numbers we need to hit to make a campaign successful.
(More on this once we test the hell out of this methodology on more ad accounts. Still a WIP)
2. Optimizing what works: Since the clients was already running ads before we took them up, we used the above standards to set benchmarks…and optimize the campaigns which were already doing well and had a good track record. 20% of the campaigns running are past campaigns, optimized to perfection.
3. Collection Splitting on Top Of Funnel (TOF) : This always works….find the collection that is working based on historic data and testing, and scale them up. We found, in this ad account that catalogue sales ads, for specific collection sets on the TOF were working. Just scaled that up.
Similarly for the ‘Jeans’ Category we found review carousels and review videos to be outperforming the usual catalogue ads during the testing….so scaled that bad boy up.
Find assets that work and laser focus on them!!

4. Middle of the Funnel: I have been setting this trend across multiple ad accounts handled by us, but social engagers audiences have been outperforming every other audience in terms of ROAS.( Is this something you guys have observed too?)
Nevertheless we tested
✔️ Instagram & FB page engagers
✔️ Video View retargeting
✔️ Website traffic ( Excluding action takers)
✔️ Email list

In terms of ROAS, only the social media engagers gave a positive ROAS.
(Next step, make 1 to 7% LAA of this audience to test on TOF, since the base audience got good results, its lookalikes may as well)

5. Bottom of the Funnel Retargeting: We went broad here, have been seeing a lot of our accounts lose their efficacy when it comes to retargeting short windows….so the team tested out a 28 days Website Consolidated Action Takers ( VC, ATC and IC all combined, excluding the Last 120 days purchase) with a Testimonial video

The results is a 6.87 ROAS on the BOF across the time of a month, making this the most profitable part of the funnel.

Creative Success Strategy:

Based on our historic study of the account + rampant testing as well, we realised early on that 3 formats of creatives worked for this brand
✔️ Review carousel + video with a lifestyle image
✔️ Branded video ( Showing product attributes followed by a 5 star review, with video running in the background)
✔️ Dynamic Catalogue

Concluding this:

Based on the backend numbers we seem to have lost about 35% of sales in terms of attribution ( No analytics tool was used here. We did a historic data side by side analysis, so this number can be skewed…don’t hate me for this lol)
But the numbers seem to be super solid after, 30 days of testing + scaling, we hope to give these guys great results in the upcoming months!!

Hope this helps you all 🙂
Keep testing and keep scaling

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