Inventory management app compatible with WooCommerce?

I am looking for an inventory management app compatible with WooCommerce.

We are a small jewellery business with a few hundreds items.

My parents – which are not the most computer literate people on the planet – are creating the products, so the most user friendly the better.

I will be doing most of the data entry, and I am fairly tech savvy, but they might eventually help to update the inventory from time to time.

It would be great if the database could handle the pictures of the items without compressing them. So they would accessible from there without using a third party software like Dropbox.

Options that I’ve considered so far: • FileMaker: pros: end result very user friendly. very flexible. cons: integration with woocommerce seems tricky or very expensive, database creation can get complex • AirTable: pros: integration with woocommerce seems easy. Cons: spreadsheets not very user friendly for my parents

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