Ladies Gym Apparel Store – low conversion rate – Expert advice needed

I currently work for a online business selling Female Gym Wear, the business is female and is owned by my girlfriend. The business has been running for quite a while now and has a good footing and brand image, but sales have been slow recently and our conversion rate is not what it should be.

We are found at; / NEUapparel on social media

Sales over the last year were good, but with the introduction of iOS14, lockdown easing (were in the UK) and some supplier issues (2 month delay), which caused stock issues and subsequently a shadow ban with FB adds (now removed) we have been struggling to get our sales back to what they were. All adds are back and running but we’re significantly down on daily sales. This is why it’s so important we improve our conversion rate.

Some stats for the last 12 months 01 July 20- 16th July 21;

Impressions – 1,250,426 Added to cart – 82,208 33,046 – reached checkout 12,877 – converted

Overall conversion rate – 1.03%

That conversion rate is well below, I believe, what it should be.

One of our main reasons for low conversion is out of stock items what people want, but what else may be putting people off buying, especially when they are in the checkout process. We do have a lot of USA and AUS customers, so shipping costs maybe putting people off, we have some campaigns running with those, 50% off shipping etc, to see if that helps.

We have also started investing in Klavio and building some good campaigns and flows with that. Hopefully that can pick up some of the slack from the low conversion rate.

I would like some advice, how is the site, the checkout process etc, is there something we’re missing putting people off? It would be appreciated if any experts can look and provide some sound guidance. If anyone has any Advice on driving sales, that would be appreciated also.

If you need more information please let me know.



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