Should my Ad have resulted in sales at this point?


I've been running this Facebook ad for 3 days (today is the fourth). I know ads do better the longer you run them. But I was wondering if people more experienced than me would give me guidance. This is not the first ad I run, but I've been having very mixed results (more often just wasted money) so I'm looking for guidence. I've read many ad courses but they don't talk about imo important things like how much should you really spend on an ad.

I sell prints inspired by traditional watches. I use better materials than your standard poster, and thus the price is a little higher than average prints. Still as I'm relatively new my prices still aren't as high as other more established people charge.

Here are the stats so far:

994 Impressions. 59 clicks to my website. Click rate= 5.93%

Of those 87.5% explore the landing page, but don’t click on anything. 12.5% Click on other pages and explore the site.

I send people to this page:

There are a couple of reasons why.

1.-i made the category specifically for this ad. My ad is basically a video featuring various of these prints, so it makes sense to send people to a page that features them all.

2.-it let's people see some of the variety of my prints, without overwhelming them with all the prints I have, but also giving them options. I worry that if I send them to one product, they might not like it for whatever reason and close it and miss other prints they would have liked. At the same time sending them to shop all would be too many options.

3.-it shows I have different price points, as well as no-nonse short sentences that explain what I'm all about.

I even included 2 banners on the top to make it clear I include free shipping, and that they can get a 10% discount this week only (which is true, I don't run that many sales).

However so far I haven't had any sales. I've spent very little on this ad campaign, about 4 dollars per day. The reason is I unfortunately lost my job and I'm having trouble finding one. So I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on publicity without returns.

I could spend a little more, but I want to make sure the campaign works first.

Could you guys that have experience tell me what should I be expecting? Or should I make any changes? Or just to wait more time? Should I simply be putting in more money?

One thing that worries me is I tired to make a google search campaign, and with the keywords I’m using, although the cost per click was ok, the estimate cost per conversion was in the $400 dollar range, which means I would need to profit $400 of each sale, which obviously isn’t possible. I worry it would be the same with facebook.

I also have a google display camppaign, so in total the landing page has received 131 visits.

Should that have resulted in a sale already?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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