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I’m looking for advice on how to best walk this next chapter in my life, but I suffer strongly from analysis paralysis and opportunity paralysis. TL;DR at bottom

I’m 24 years old, and based in Montana. I dropped out of college after a bad car accident, and pretty immediately went into sales.

I started at Mercedes Benz at 18 and after about 6 months became a top producing sales rep in a very small store. I should’ve probably stuck to that job, but some family things came up and I ended up moving to Minnesota.

Life happened again, and I ended up moving back to Montana, and working in the oilfield for a year, and then jumped back into sales for a company that sent me to trade shows. It was a lot of fun, and lucrative money, but I didn’t like the products or the prices, and felt pretty bad about what I was selling, but I learned that anyone will buy anything given the right emotional or mental framework.

When COVID hit, that job got shut down, and I spent the next 9 months focused on modeling and growing my Instagram account. I went from about 4,000 followers to 13k in less than a year. I knew that having a following would make leveraging future endeavors much easier. I now have multiple opportunities to do reality tv, which is now a matter of when, not if, which should substantially increase my social media following.

So now, I’m in a position where I know what I want to do, but I don’t know how to get there. I think of product ideas all the time. Gifts for love interests, clothing, workout equipment, household products etc. I have a notebook with dozens of ideas, and at least 4 that I feel very strongly I would be able to sell person to person.

For this reason, I know I want to get into e-commerce. I want to learn how to take a product from idea to reality, and use my following to help leverage that. That’s long term goal, meaning I want to have enough fundamentals to start pushing that in about 3 years.

I recognize the basic skills I should acquire are copywriting (direct response) Videography And basic design

Now, I know this is my long term goal, and this is definitely what I want to do. But I also recognize the time dedication, and the income needed to fund and launch brands. My goal is to be pulling a million in revenue a year by 30, which I believe strongly is very possible. Here’s where my decision analysis kicks in.

I have the opportunity to sell life insurance for a very quickly growing IMO. 120-130% starting comp. I’ve talked to the outliers both successful and non successful, and am very confidant in my ability to consistently produce 20-25k a month minimum within 6 months. Once I hit that milestone, I would begin to leverage my large and growing following to start attracting new agents. One girl accomplished leveraging her 3,000 person following into a massive agency in 3 years, doing about 1.8 mill in revenue a month. Hitting a similar number, with the average agent doing about 15k per month, would require just over 100 agents. I do believe hitting that number in 18 months is more than doable.

Basically I would work my ass off for the next 24-30 months to scale a life insurance agency to a million In revenue a year, and then use that monthly income to start funding and launching my brand ideas. Over the time of doing this, I would probably benefit from learning dropshipping, as well as the skills mentioned before (video, copy, design). But I know I’ll be working 60-70 hours a week in insurance, and I don’t know how realistically I would be able to push myself in learning other skills without burning out hard.

However. If I essentially want my long term to be in creating branded products, would I be smarter to pass up that opportunity, and Double down into e-commerce ? How would I fund this?

I ran a campaign through my stories last week to see if my following would be interested in buying prints of my unreleased modeling photos. And I got a very good response. The campaign (which I ran through a 2 day story) reached 30% of my audience, and about 33% responded yes to purchasing my prints.

Obviously, prints by themselves is not a sustainable income, but onlyfans is. Multiple people have messaged me saying if I just were to release an onlyfans, not doing any nudity (because I refuse to do frontal nudity), but doing my sexier content, would still be worth it to them to subscribe. Making 5k a month becomes highly possible very quickly, and that is the low end of my metrics.

So this is where my indecision lies. Do I work my a$$ off to hopefully build a large foundation of income to be able to launch products two-three years from now, without worrying about startup costs? Or do I take the social media route, with variable income depending on my retention rate, and jump into dropshipping/ecommerce now to start paving the direct road to my goal?

TL;DR With the end goal of designing products and brands and being in e-commerce, should I

A. Spend the next two years leveraging my social media following to build a insurance agency, generating the revenue to begin launching products

B. Leverage the social media following to make income through a paid site like onlyfans, and put all my energy into learning the skills required for e-commerce.

Today’s hustle mindset would say to do all three, but I don’t know if I could realistically accomplish that. Thanks again !!

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