Helping with your Ecommerce SEO.

Hey, so I have an opportunity for you to generate better SEO with the help of blogs in you site.

I know it's quite hard to keep up a blog when you are trying to set up ads and handle all the components that are in constant shift.

So, this is not a "I'm a content writer hire me post". I recently got access to Open AI GPT3 and man, the content it generates really blows my mind.

I have since used the content it makes to run ads and make product descriptions for my clients since then.

It can be summed up as Intermediate level writing in my experience. Which can be more than adequate especially when you are starting out.

So, here's the deal. I can make general niche related blog posts within 600 words using AI for 10USD a piece.

Let me know and I can pull you some custom examples related to your product so you have an idea on how it will look.


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