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As someone new to the space, I've researched various marketplace solutions extensively. I'm basically looking to make a small-scale Etsy for digital downloads only in a niche market. As far as I can tell, here are my options:

  1. Currently using Dokan – Dokan seems to be a 'good enough' solution but it's clunkier than I'd like for it to be, and I have a feeling it won't scale well. My website runs pretty slowly, and I attribute it to Dokan, whether or not that's accurate.
  2. WCFM – Tried this first, and it was nearly impossible for my users to understand.
  3. Shopify – I've nixed this for the same reason as WCFM.
  4. My Marketplace Builder – $90/mo, can find hardly any reviews on it
  5. Sharetribe – $120/mo, seems to have good reviews and features
  6. CS-Cart – One-time fee; seems to have a good reputation. Not sure how user-friendly it is
  7. Pay a developer to create one using Spree Commerce or Shuup – This ranges from $7500+, which as far as I can tell, is the only downside.

If anyone has ideas, advice, recommendations, etc. please pass it along. I know I can always re-visit and modify in the future, but my site has been up for a year and it just sucks right now. I'd like to go ahead and put a good investment of time/money in now and then again in the future if I need to.

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