Questions re: the “gather review” software plugins…

There are sites/software out there whose sole function is to gather reviews, which are then displayed all over your site.

1) any great (or not so great) recommendations?

2) I assume they're some sort of 'plugin' or offer some way to easily integrate into your site, so that your web dev can quickly and easily (cheaply!) display the review lists strategically where you want them, change the look, etc?

3) I'm assuming they have different ways of eliciting reviews from customers; automated customizable emails, etc?

4) Is there a way to verify once someone has left a review? I'm thinking about joining the whore-train and offering some 'gift' for customers to leave a review. (Not illegal — I'm not asking for a positive review, just a review.) Is there a quick and easy way to verify once someone has left that review, so they can then be sent their gift? Obviously manually checking and emailing back and forth is too time consuming and not acceptable.


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