Where’s the inventory?

Ok… so iv tried this before through dropshipping, made one sale and it took like.. 4+ weeks for the person to recieve it. Then life got busy and had to put this to the side. Now I have time again but I'd like to do it right… I want to sell on Amazon and ebay (because it's what iv been hearing is the most profitable) but I don't exactly have a ton of room for inventory.

Where do you guys put your products?

Is dropshipping still the way to go? And if so, how do you still make a profit and keep the shipping times down?

Should I be making a shopify website again?

I would also like to "make a brand", does that just involve contacting the supplier and giving them the template for the brand?

Honestly, I'll take any advice guys. I realize I'm coming off SUPER noob. Well, I am. But I have time now to learn and would love to be a success story. Thanks for taking the time.

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