Launched my shop 8 days ago, whats your take?


I Launched my shop 8 days ago and started also 8 days ago with my social media (all infos below) appearance while doing ads and posting regularly every day at least one post at the same time.

As you can see, I've already invested money in ads to reach more people. Right now, if I don't want to spend even more money per day, I would invest about $250/mo in advertising costs.

Right now I'm building up a following with my content that I post (facts about cybercrime atm, working on more ideas) but I still would like to get sales through my ads and not only a following.

What do you think of my posts and ads? What do you think about my website and products? Can I improve somewhere?

My Website

All Insights and Ads (JumpShare)



Many Thanks in advanced for your help, I really appreciate it 😀

BTW if you need anything more just tell me.

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