E-Commerce Career Advise?

Two years ago i launched my e-commerce company. I sold about 1500 units since then on Amazon and through WooCommerce. Enough to get an understanding of how things work, not enough to quit my main job. Everytime i got stuck in the process, i learned the necessary skill to continue my journey.

I am fascinated by the possibilities of E-Commerce and I want to work in this field. With a degree in Business administration, broad technical understanding and my passion for digital marketing it seems like a perfect fit.

In the longterm i definitely want to start a new business on my own. But for now i was thinking about taking a job as an „E-Commerce Manager“ and work for an agency that is specialized in building and optimizing E-Commerce Jobs & Performance Marketing.

Does anyone have some experience in this kind of work? Would you recommend it or do you think my future business will benefit more from choosing a marketing career?

Any comment is highly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

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