How’s my idea?

I'm planning to start a home decor accessories online shop. Still in the process of research and refining the idea.

I plan to start small, by niching down and focusing on desk decor accessories with the rustic coastal style.

So, my target will be mostly Gen Z and Baby Boomers, male+female and who love the rustic, countryside and beach style.

My plan to get customers is to run ads on FB and drive traffic from Pinterest and IG. For Pinterest and IG, I'll get a friend who's a photographer, to take lifestyle pics of the whole desk setup with all the accessories I'm selling, and wove a story into it.

The products will be from Alibaba, but I'll not get in any products yet, but buy the same ones on AliExpress for the photoshoot for the content marketing on Pinterest/IG.

I'll drive traffic to my website, and on my site, it'll say all the products are out of stock. There'll be a "Notify me when it's back in stock" widget on each individual product page, where customers will enter their email to register their interest.

When the email registration comes in, I'll check the numbers to see if this is worth pursuing, and if it is, I'll start buying small batches of the products in for the actual selling.

How's this sound? My biggest issue with e-commerce has always been traffic. The other thing is getting them to buy when they're on the site.

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