Our review of a fulfillment provider ChinaDivision

Hi, usually I don't write reviews, but I really hope that some folks here can avoid making mistakes in choosing the right 3PL partner.

Recently I had worked with China Division to fulfill our orders and I must admit it's the worst experience you can imagine.

Avoid this shipping provider. You will lose your money, time, nerves and will get angry customers who are waiting for their parcels and will never receive them.

Chinadivision tricks you with the shipping cost. They pick the worse shipping provider for insanely high cost without even warning you. They send you a quote, you agree on the quote and provider, and then, all of a sudden they ship your orders with an entirely different carrier like China Post and charge you crazy costs like $25 for 400 gram 20x20x10 cm box to the USA.

They lose packages in the warehouse.

It takes weeks to get a simple answer from customer support. For an example of how many units you have left in stock or how many orders are shipped. Yes, you have to ask customer support, because their system doesn't sync this info.

They may ship canceled orders because again, their system is trash and doesn't sync with their workflow. While they were shipping our orders (took 2 weeks), some of the customers canceled their orders and we removed these orders from the system. Though after a week ChinaDivision shipped these canceled orders anyway.

As a result of our short collaboration with Chinadivision we lost around $10k in lost units and extra shipping costs. We worked with many other providers, but Chinadivision is the worst you can imagine. It's literally a nightmare working with them.

I hope this review will be helpful for some entrepreneurs who are considering ChinaDivision as their fulfillment partner.

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