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Imagine this: people who are visiting a brand's website can chat in real time with existing customers who own the product. This trusted conversation is like a 'live review' that gives shoppers the confidence they need to convert.

How it works: While shopping on the brand's website, online shoppers click on a webchat that says "Chat with a Real Customer". The shoppers selects a topic that they want to talk about, wait for ~1min, and are connected to a customer.

To recruit existing customers, brands send a recruiting email with a link to download a mobile app. On the app, customers get notifications during their 'Availability' to chat with shoppers. After each conversation, the customer is rated from 1-5 based on 'genuineness'. The customer earns points based on this rating, which can be used to redeem 20-30% discounts.

Would this idea be helpful in any way? Is it solving an actual problem? What concerns would you have?

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