Calling up abandoned carts instead of just emailing? We tried it.

Has anyone ever tried calling their abandoned carts instead of just using automated emails or SMS? We did these past couple months, and got some really interesting data that kinda shocked me:

– Our conversion rate with automated emails via Klaviyo was around 5%. Calling them yielded 17%

– Average order value on converted orders that we called went from $52 to $78. People seem to feel more comfortable ordering after they make a personal connection with the brand over the phone.

– Our average repeat purchase rate is 13%, but on calls we converted over the phone it was over double – 31%! This shocked us. Once again, we think it boils down to more trust and personal connection.

Anecdotally, we also found that these customers were also referring people to our site at a higher rate. In short, the customers we called became better customers in every way. Text and email are both impersonal and overused.

I post this data for two reasons:

  1. Because it surprised the heck out of me, and I think anyone reading this can see similar results. What's stopping you from trying? Simply make phone numbers required at checkout and give them a call when they abandon. Not all will convert, but you'll learn a ton! And no, almost no one gets pissed. Most are surprisingly happy to get help.
  2. Because I own a 3PL and I want to start offering this as a service to our current customers as a value-add. Before doing so, I want to make a few case studies so my data is more rock solid and consists of a few different industries. My previous company was a US-based call center, so this is kind of my forte. We only used US-based female callers for our store in this test, BTW.

Is anyone interested in us doing this for 30 days for your Shopify store? Zero catch whatsoever. Your upside is more orders, and my upside is more data to make a convincing case study. I just need to connect your store to an Airtable that will push abandoned carts through so we can make calls during business hours as orders become abandoned. This works best for stores that have higher AOVs or are a little more high touch. We only use US-based female callers, and the same person will be calling your store every day and learning your products so they can answer common questions. We make calls during business hours for a month for free. If you want to stop on day 2 or 28, no problem.

Please let me know if anyone has any interest. Thanks for reading.

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