Products showing up twice on Shopify all products page

I have a Shopify store where I sell rugs in 2 sizes: 90×150 cm and 150×215 cm

I have organized the products by adding each product twice and adding a variant to each product:

Rug 1 – variant 90×150 cm

Rug 1 – variant 150×215 cm

Rug 2 – variant 90×150 cm

Rug 2 – variant 150×215 cm


To showcase them, I have 2 collections (90×150 cm and 150×215 cm) and added every variant to their respective collection. I hope everything is clear thus far.

Now my issue is that on a product page there is a breadcrumb: Homepage > Products > Product page

If you click on “Products” you get redirected to a page where all products are shown. So the consequence is that you see every product double because that’s how I organized it in the beginning:

How can I fix this? It’s not a huge deal but it looks unprofessional.

Possible solutions:

  1. Editing the breadcrumb but this probably involves editing html which I don’t want to do.
  2. Change the way products are organized. But how?

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