Seeking Feedback on Recently Launched Brand Positioning Service for eCommerce Brands

Hi ecommerce friends.

I recently launched a boutique research and brand positioning agency aimed at DTC/eCommerce brands. My service involves using online surveys to ask hundreds of real shoppers to react to a brand’s homepage. Based on their feedback and the brand's positioning goals, I craft and a/b test new above the fold content. I built this service for DTC brands aiming to identify language that works, make a great first impression, stand out within their category, get funding from investors, and nail their brand's story.

A little bit about me. I spent 5 years working within an insights department at a creative agency in NYC (Publicis). There, I taught myself how to conduct survey-based research and learned the ins and outs of branding and value propositions. Now, I'm using what I learned to start something for myself.

Do you work at a DTC brand? Do you have expertise in all things ecommerce? If so, I'm looking for rapid-fire reactions to my new service, which is outlined on my website:

Would be grateful for outside perspectives — any insights into improving this service small or large.

Cheers, Sam.

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