What do you think about selling pet accessories?

My sister works in a veterinary clinic. She's been trying to convince her husband and me to help her open a store of toys and accessories for animals for several months now. She says that it's very profitable since everyone who brings their pets always asks where it's better to buy all the accessories. She always listens to clients who brag about how much money they spend on their pets. My sister told me one of her clients ordered more than twenty pillows with her cat's photo printed. Almost every one of her customers started a social media channel for their animal and invested a lot in making content. Lynn even sold a few handmade pet apparel to her clients. And now she insists on opening a small shop near their clinic and an online one for those who want customized stuff like paintings, pillows, tags, or t-shirts like

My brother-in-law and I tried to explain to her that all this personalized stuff will require lots of resources. She'll need an engraving machine to create custom tags and equipment for making high-quality prints and someone who can handle the process. And after we looked at the massive number of competitors in this area, we decided that it's not the best business project. We tried to convince her to start making pet clothes to order for her customers at the clinic, create an IG account or a Youtube channel for promotion, and evaluate if there's any meaning in opening the online shop. But she's already looking for someone to make her the website for pet accessories and searching for suppliers. At least she gave up on the idea of personalized things. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know if there is any way to make this business successful given that the competition is terrible. I'd be grateful for any piece of advice.

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