What is your experience with Facebook Shops?

Hi everyone.

I keep getting nagging emails from Facebook to open a shop for our page. We already have a website with thousands of product lines on, after browsing Reddit and FB’s help pages I just can’t see what the attraction is.

We’re already aware that we have to pay to boost our posts if anyone is to see them, so I’m assuming this will just be the same regarding product listings. I just don’t see why we would have a shop when we can just put up posts with links back our website.

I’m aware that it’s a way to keep people on the Facebook platform, but do many people actually keep their payment info with FB? It just looks like a way for Etsy and eBayers to sell to another audience without having a website, which is the exact opposite of us.

So yeah, just interested in hearing from people who have/are using it and their experiences, please.

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