Which marketing platform is best for your product?

While there are numerous social media marketing platforms out there, it is important to understand which platform is the best and what approach works on each platform.

Because marketing is about finding the right people for your product and then pitching them with the right solution.

➡️ Tiktok and Snapchat

Audience – Teens

Age group – 13- 18


✔️ Brush their ego and status quo (This product will improve your social status in front of your friends)

✔️ Excite them with the benefits and exclusiveness

✔️ Picture the world as they want to see it with your product

➡️ Instagram

Audience – Young

Age group – 18 – 30


✔️ Prick to their self-esteem, of all the opportunities your product offer

✔️Show them what they can do with your product

✔️ Emphasize their status in front of the community

➡️ Facebook

Audience – Millennials

Age group – 35 – 60


✔️ Tell them about family and livelihood relating to your product benefits

✔️ Speak to them about the future plans they can achieve with your product

✔️ Aspirations they can achieve by working less and saving on time with your product

➡️ LinkedIn

Audience – Professionals

Age group – 25 – 55


✔️ Talk business

✔️ Connect everything you say to what they save in their business from your product

✔️Just talk business – Only monetary benefits and products

Which is the best platform for your business and what approach do you follow?

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