Customer is Demanding Refund? My Policy is Clear.

Hi All,

I have a customer who wants to return his $500 item which he used Klarna to finance. The product was not defective, fit for the purpose intended, exactly as advertised, and arrived within the estimated shipping time.

(I handle packing and shipping in-house. I photograph each order/package before sending)

The customer claims he saw a "100% refund guarantee" when ordering. However, nowhere in my sales funnel is there a "money-back guarantee" portion. My refund policy clearly states "All sales are final. 1 exchange per order, or full store credit."

(My best guess is that he confused another ad with my brand/website)

He threatened to call the BBB and the State Attorney General after I reminded him of my legal policies (Terms of Service & Refund Policy).

What would you do?

Edit: I am in the USA

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