Need help implementing an idea

Hi Reddit,

My wife and I came up with a new business idea that I really think could go the distance.

We’ve currently got a low 6 figure POD biz going so we understand e-commerce a decent amount, but this new idea is totally different.

The concept is basically a digital subscription where you email information back to us and we process it and store it and build out certain profiles.

There’s more to it than that but have to keep it vague enough the idea doesn’t get taken as we’re getting started.

I’m wondering if there’s any current software/technology that can do this on autopilot or is the best answer for phase 1 to be hire virtual assistants that do this and then build out the platform ourselves in house if it grows enough to justify a large capital infusion.

Also, if running this on click funnels or Shopify, what’s the best app to include members area so someone can log in to see what they have working with so far?

Lastly, if the company gets to a point outside capital is necessary, has anyone had any success with online investors or better to go local?

Any help would be appreciated!!

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