Recommended site assessment services

Thanks in advance. Writing from the point of view of an investor, not a site owner. It may be a very obvious question.

I’m looking for a tool or service that can provide a concise summary or snapshot of how well built or “good” a website might be. Ballpark overall health of the site and the level of attention the owners have paid to it. We evaluate business models and Founders, but this important aspect is often overlooked.

I realize there are a thousand things that can affect this, some more important than others.

Ideally I’d like to enter the domain into an assessment tool and it trawl the site in question, check for accessibility, site speed, security, tags, etc to find the biggest red flags or missing items.

Based on the results I could go into more detail for each factor (with other tools).

SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc seem more focused on ranking, which is vital, but I am trying to assess the level of care and attention paid to the build. Hope that makes sense.

Appreciate any insight or recommendations. Thanks

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