How to have success selling handcrafted items not on Etsy? Tips and tricks?

I’m starting up a shopify store and am struggling to feel “legit” selling my handcrafted stuff. I’m not a professional maker, it’s more of a hobby that I’d like to turn into a small business. It’ll be a one woman operation and will likely stay that way. I opted out of Etsy because of all the horror stories of shops being shut down without warning or reason, but now I have to figure out how to instill that same kind of consumer trust through my own website. It feels like that will be hard to do as just me making whatever I can crank out while my kids are asleep.

Anybody in a similar position selling handmade stuff by just you on an independent website? Are you transparent about it being just you or do you write like it’s a bigger operation? How regularly do you do updates?

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