$150 domain name – is it worth it?

Hey guys, working on starting up a home decor brand. I’m still working on designs, as I plan on opening with around 50-60 different designs.

I have been sleeping on selecting the domain name for my brand as I’m quite unsure about which name to choose. I currently have 2 names in mind:

  1. First domain name is 5.99. The name is a good, short 1 letter word. It ends in .co.

  2. Second name is objectively better. It correlates exactly to my brand and my mission. It’s what I would call a “perfect” name for my idea. It costs $150 and it also ends in .co.

So my question is: would I be crazy for spending $150 on a domain for a project that I have not even launched yet? Also is .co acceptable for an ecom domain?


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