Advanced Local SEO techniques to get your business listing in top of local searches

Google My Business listings have tons of potential opportunities within them because many business owners fail to realize their full value–they simply create a listing with little understanding about its true power.

Many think of Google My Business as just a social media channel, like Facebook or Twitter. But when you're an eCommerce site owner and your customers are interested in your product but don't know how to find it, GMB is the place for them! You need every advantage possible if people aren't already looking specifically for what they want from you.

Here's the exact process we use to boost our client's local SER. Much of the techniques are advanced, so make sure you learn about them in detail before you intend to DIY.

  1. Start with a local search audit Local SEO audits are a valuable way to ensure that your website is doing well and ranking on the first page of Google. Focus on key attributes including share of local voice and Average rank tracking positions. Aim for Solv of 60% or higher. If you have been spending considerable time on your GMB's and still not seeing any difference in rankings or even worse, no rankings at all, it's time for an audit!
  2. Step up into advanced schema Everyone is talking schema these days. But what many fail to understand is the potential it holds. Did you know that you can create a separate schema for each of your web pages and stack it with keyword content (nearly 5000 words)? This piece of code is more powerful than any amount of content you have on your web page. Be sure to feed it with the right number of social signals and your traffic is bound to increase.
  3. Geo-fencing with Map Pinning This is an advanced technique for local businesses with Solv of 80% or more. Drop pins along the boundaries of your HAS and map these pins to local keyword-rich content on your page. Again, use the right schema to enable Google to assess the purpose of the page and feed back links from you tube channels and High DA pages.
  4. Leverage a site links search box Webmasters have a chance of bypassing the second page of results and sending searchers directly to their internal search if they implemented Search Schema code on their homepage.
  5. Map best performing images to your website If a few of your image posts have crossed 1000 views and are indexed in Google search, add them to your website gallery and cross link to your original post. Simple, yet extremely powerful!!
  6. Link reviews from the Home page Display Google reviews on your home page and link them directly to your reviews page on Google. Add reviews markup to your schema.
  7. Link maps from the footer Include a Google map widget in your footer and link it directly to your GMB listing. Again optimize your HAS and Lat/Long schema.
  8. Enrich your GMB listing review with LSI keywords Well, this might sound a bit embarrassing, but it's best to ask your client to add at least one LSI keyword in their content. Most people who write reviews don't know where to start, so you need to give them a little guidance and show them at least one LSI keyword they could include in their content.
  9. Don't forget the basics The usual may be boring, but stick to your posting schedule.

That's it folks. Add these to your marketing To-do's and see your rankings grow in three months! Been there, seen that, done that !!

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