Need Advice With Online T-Shirt Store

Hey guys, I've been following this subreddit for a few months and am glad to constantly find such helpful advice from more experienced users to newbies.

I started an ecommerce around March this year and boy, has it been tough. I knew it would be no piece of cake, but it's harder than I imagined. I import a brand of t-shirts from USA and sell them in Chile. I don't try to "overwrite" the original brand name, but I focus all marketing on my own brand (I hope to sell more apparel brands as well in the future).

I started by creating a website with the help of an agency and immediately made an Instagram account as well. I've been posting content on the IG account 5-6 days a week, trying to provide interesting content. I don't just post pictures of the t-shirts, but also share some interesting facts about the animal depicted on each design (95%+ of the designs are animals). It's been really hard to gain followers and likes, let alone turn that into sales.

At first I did some promotions directly from Instagram, but realized that wasn't very efficient. I switched over to using Facebook Ads and the reach improved. I've worked on a few different ad image sets and videos and on targeting (a Facebook rep has been helping me out for free, but I find his advice and answers to my questions pretty lackluster). I've improved my CTR (it started at something like 0,18% – seriously) and it's usually at about 5% now, but my main issue is I just can't seem to convert sales. My last ad has been running for 3 days with around 10 USD per day (yeah, small budget until I feel I got the right formula) and I've had 370 landing page views (directly from the ad sets, at least). However, of all these visits I've had absolutely no sales. I even added a coupon offer on the ad for free shipping if you buy 2 or more t-shirts, but alas, it seems to make no difference.

I've also done a little bit of work on SEO by installing a Yoast SEO plugin that rates different aspects of your website. I've improved my rating (with the plugin), but I feel that it asks for so much stuff (how am I supposed to add internal and external links on every product's page without making it look like a mess?)

Could you please offer me some advice regarding what you would do to drive up sales? My IG account and website are in spanish, but I think you can pick up on the most important stuff even if you don't speak spanish. I wanted to make a "simple and clean" website, but I don't know if I achieved it or if that's even a good thing to wish for. I really want this to work because managing an ecommerce is a critical part of how I envision my future life to be. Any help is deeply appreciated, please be completely honest.

Thanks in advance!



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