Do product titles matter on eCommerce?

I was asked this question by a random on LinkedIn the other day "Do product titles matter on eCommerce"? It's something to think about, especially if you are one of those ecommerce owners that are trying to make sure your product titles are as SEO-friendly as possible.I know quite a number of fanatics who run experiments to try and see what the real difference is between long tail vs short head keywords in terms of search traffic!!

I have been a consultant for several eCommerce stores, and all i can say is that the title of a product on your eCommerce shop is the first thing potential customers see, and can either encourage them to click through or send them packing. Having an eye-catching title that perfectly describes the item will increase your conversion rates, while also encouraging repeat visitors to browse more items in order to find the perfect gift for their friends, family members and loved ones.

Some tips that will come in handy:

  1. Choose which words to include – Start with what you're selling and work backwards. Is it a pair of jeans? Does it have handles on the top? What material are they made from? List out as many descriptors as possible (if applicable). You'll want all relevant search terms included as this helps Google relate the search query with your site as long as its indexed well.
  2. Include your brand name – This is the most important part of a product's title. In fact, Google will often include this as a search result snippet within their SERPs regardless of whether or not it was explicitly mentioned in the query.
  3. Include price (if applicable) – If you're selling products from specific retailers that have pricing options listed on their website, be sure to include these prices in your product titles so anyone looking for that exact item can find it without having to go to multiple websites.
  4. Make it catchy! – Remember: you only have about 10-15 words with which to get people interested in clicking through and/or purchasing the item. Thus, this is where brainstorming comes into play and you should come up with a few different versions and AB test them to understand what truly works. Remember that this isn't a sales page, so you don't have the same luxury of time as you would on your main funnel pages. You need to get people interested immediately!


"Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II Headphones – $349Inexpensive, w/ Prime shipping and Paypal Accepted at Amazon"

If you're not familiar with SEO or writing titles, an easy way around this is to just copy both fields directly from Google search results. Not recommended and it's best to take some time and write creative engaging titles to improve CTR's.

And here's a secret Tip. Add Positive Emoticons to your Title – In a recent Q/A session with Google's John Mueller, we were surprised to discover that the right positive emoticons does make an impact in SERP. Use Unicodes and don't flood it like those on instagram. Enough of influencers!

Ultimately, you want your audience to find the products they are interested in which will ultimately lead them down your funnel. The more traffic and sales you can drive through this stage leads directly into less work for you later on down the road. Make sure you're including both keywords and popular searches from Google so that people can easily click through and find what they are looking for.

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