Had a terrible store conversion rate and got it fixed – 0.52% to 1.3%

By June 21st, one of the stores I managed had done ~$149k in add to cart value but only had a conversion of $19k for the month.

I literally had a drop off of 78% from add-to-cart to purchase (881 Add-to-carts, 196 purchases).

The conversation rate for the store was 0.52 which is too low compared to industry standard ~2%.

I decided to do some conversion rate optimization. The result of these actions saw my store conversion rate increase to 1.3% and revenue grew by more than 30% compared to the previous month.

  1. Reverse engineer checkout process. I found out a few trivial but serious issues in my checkout process. After adding to cart, when you click the “continue shopping” button, it took you back to collections page. The first two pages had all products out of stock.

I also noticed that on mobile, a pop-up covered the checkout button. Guys check you apps and ensure they’re not disrupting important buttons.

  • I noticed that when you have an option for discount code on your checkout page, it may actually harm purchases. Most buyers will go online in hopes to find a discount code. If you’re not running discounts often, I’d advise you remove it.

  • My shopping cart content icon blended with the theme background. So after shoppers added to cart and continued shopping, they usually forgot that they added something to their carts.

  • I allowed guest checkouts. Truth is, you will have their email and name when they checkout by the way.

  1. Product page tweaks. My descriptions were literally one liners. I did not think this was an issue because we sell custom products by the way. Turns out a detailed product description helps no matter what you sell.
  • We reached out to our most loyal customers and asked for a video review and gave them some discount as a thank you gift. We added these UGCs to some of our product pages.

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