In your experience, what is the best e-commerce platform?

My story is the same as many – college educated but chose a shitty profession, tired of working long hours for crappy pay/treatment, blah blah.

After YouTube binging (lol, I know, I know) I was convinced I was going to get into Amazon FBA. I watched dozens of people become rich off the same method: product research and private labelling/improving a product on alibaba.

I began to notice a pattern that all the videos were a few years old. Recent videos are saying this method is dead because Chinese manufacturers are just going straight to Amazon with the same products but cheaper, Amazon rules are getting more strict everyday, people having their businesses suspended, supplier hell (when dealing with overseas) including tons of money lost.

This scares me, as I quit my job and have savings to start, but don’t want to waste them (obv)

So I get into Shopify research. Majority of research I find is that dropshipping is a horrible path to take; esp if dealing with overseas suppliers. You have no control of timing, must have a strong supplier who actually cares, and why would people buy your product with longer shipping when prime takes a day? People are so impatient these days; and again, heard lots of query to stay away from drop shipping.

So what’s next?

At first I was so excited to start product research. Then I find it’s so saturated that the best way is to create your own product that’s unique. Then I hear Amazon makes the same one (if it’s successful) and brands it as Amazon basics for cheaper and you get shut out. Then also dropshipping is apparently outdated and bad also.

What’s your experience with these platforms and any others? Down for some real advice from real folks’ experiences.

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