Printful / Google Merchant Center integration – nonexistant???

Hi ladies & gents,


If you can spare a couple minutes, I'd really appreciate if you head over to the Printful Feature Request I created and hit "Vote for this feature."

tl;dr –

Currently there's no integration between Printful & Google Merchant center….so there's no way to automate Printful shipping times or shipping costs w/ Google Search or Google Shopping.

A means to automate these would be SUPER helpful for marketing efforts, AND save a ton of time in liu of manually updating Merchant Center feeds & product filelds.

However, I was told this integration is not currently on the Printful roadmap & will not be considered unless a feature request is created & gains significant popularity. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP head over there and smash the vote button.

Thank you!

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