Are you analyzing sales data using different attribution models? You should.

If you’re doing any sort of marketing for your business, whether it’s paid ads, SEO, social media, etc. You should be looking at different attribution models.

The reason is you may be under/overvaluing certain channels and miss-allocating budget to marketing strategies that are actually driving growth for your business.

The out-of-the-box attribution model in Google Analytics is LAST CLICK.

This means conversions will be attributed to the LAST touchpoint you had with your customer.

But this doesn’t give you the full story.

Your customers buying journey doesn’t always start and end with the last touchpoint.

For example:

A customer visits your site for the first time via a paid ad.
They leave without purchasing.
3-weeks later they see a social media post, come back to your site, and purchase.

If you’re only looking at Last Click attribution, you may undervalue the importance of that FIRST touchpoint via paid ads in your customer's buying journey.


Attribution modeling is a really complex topic that depends on your use case and the business questions you're trying to answer.

This post is intended to get people to think about attribution and share some actionable advice on where to starting looking in GA.

Here's a quick Loom video I made that walks you through the process at a high-level. I share a really simple example of how to analyze different attribution models of your marketing in GA. And talk about how different attribution models differ in terms of strategy and approach to marketing.

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