Need Help Understanding How to Wholesale My Products

Hi everyone, I am a ecommerce retailer and my products are made overseas in China, I've been getting a lot of wholesale inquiries on customizing my product but I'm strugling with understanding the logistical and legal side of it, was wondering if any kind soul could offer some suggestions!

My main questions are:

1) What legal documents should I have in place when wholeselling to a distributor?

2) For customized orders (eg. if they put their logos on my product), it would usually take 2 months to produce — should I freight their order directly from my supplier to the distributor? OR should I freight the customized products to myself first and then ship it to the distributor? With the first option I worry about exposing my supplier's information, it also seems more of a headache having to manage the shipping logistics.

3) In tangent to my last question, how do I charge the shipping price if it is a custom order that is made months in advance, in which the sea/air freighting (along with customs and duties) cost would fluctuate?

Thank you so much!

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