Stopping Friendly Fraud? Are my hands tied?

So this is just one example of many but a woman placed an order. According to Signifyd her name matched, her address matched, billing and shipping was the same. Her email was over 8 months old. All looked legit. She then files a charge back stating fraud.

So somebody told her credit card and shipped an item to her house? Really? *unamused face*.

I assume if you told your bank you did not authorize the charge, the card was stolen, they would shut down your card, issue you a new one and you'd go days without a card. Kind of hassle when all she'd have to really do is say "item not as described" and either way she can issue a charge back without the hassle of having to replace the card?

Unless her card really was stolen? At which point if I'm the merchant and the name matches, address matches, cvv matches, billing/shipping is the same (she's not billing it to Amanda in Florida, USA and shipping it to Rob in Timbuktu!) … what can I do? I mean nothing is a flag here, it all matches? I don't see how this could be paid with a stolen card, it makes no sense to me? Unless she's laying but to report fraud and likely have to replace the card, seems like an unnecessary hassle.

I wish there was a way to anonymously report customers like this to warn other merchants. Something is really shady about this… it makes no sense that you would buy something and ship it to yourself. Plus if she was the victim of identity theft, the charge back should be wiped from my records as a merchant because obviously nothing on the surface made her transaction questionable at the time.

I may dispute it but just wondering how this process works and if there is any legit way this could be actual fraud with everything matching and she's simply not trying to steal merchandise from me?

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