Does anyone use Kalio for their e-comm platform?

My client is using Kalio as their platform for a 500k storefront. It's mildly successful, but we really can't expand because of the limitations of Kalio. It's ancient and relies very heavily on a complicated bespoke code base. Anyway, the platform partnered with What Counts as their email client, which was also problematic for all the stuff we couldn't do with it (and they charge based on how many emails are sent out). What Counts has terminated their relationship with Kalio for reasons and now we have one month to either migrate to a new service, or contract with What Counts separately for a year.

We are in the beginning stages of moving to Shopify, where we would have had to settle on an email client eventually. So I guess my real question is of anyone who uses/used Kalio, what was the email client you used/are using, and is it compatible with Shopify? The idea is to migrate to an email client that is compatible with both so we don't have to do this whole process again when we re-platform.

If there is a better sub to ask this in, please let me know. Thanks to anyone who can help!

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