Forgot to Set Up Sales & Shipping Tax

Hello everyone,

I live in CT and went to file my monthly return. I just realized that I never set up taxes to be collected in my Shopify orders. I went ahead and updated my settings so that I'm now collecting sales and shipping taxes. However, I have one sale for the month of June (I recently started my shop) totaling to $32.04 ($28.00 for the product, $4.02 for the shipping).

My question is, how do I go about filing this in my monthly return? When I put $28.00 for "Gross receipts from sales of goods", it shows I owe $2.00 to the state. Is this correct, or do I have to file differently? This is my first time filing for a sale, so I want to make sure I do it correctly, as I have 3 sales for the month of July that I didn't accept taxes for. For reference, CT's tax is 6.35%.

Thank you in advance.

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