How do you store and manage Product Details / Attributes? Too big for Excel, too small for an expensive ERP

How do you all manage your product catalogs? I feel like I keep running through attempts to make a fully customized solution but I can never make it work out.

I have 1200-1500 products. I replenish some, I sell out of some, I get some new ones.

All of my products can be categorized according to my business logic. All of my products have different attributes based on their product-type or category. For example, all t-shirts have sizes and all hats do not.

I can't imagine my needs are all that unique. How do I store this all in a database and create forms for the easy create/update/delete methods for any item?

Right now, I manage my detailed product data with excel spreadsheets and a custom "zoho creator" app.

Multi-channel fulfilment SAASs are not customizable enough to have custom data and attributes. I use one to manage my ecommerce data. However, whenever my system of "internal product catalog" of spreadsheets is updated, I need to manually update my online catalogs that are just the back-ends of different ecommerce platforms (or a multi-channel platform, in my case).

How do you all manage your products beyond updating a long excel spreadsheet?

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