Hiring a Website Builder – Is this the expensive or cheap route?

Hi Team! Obligatory brand new to ecom and selling products to begin with. In the past I've been a fine dining chef and a christian missionary. Recently I've become a business owner with no prior experience.

I'm the owner of Canmore Candle Co. and we sell candles.. obviously hah. if anyone wants to see what we have going on so far.

I'm also the owner of a home services company (carpet & upholstery cleaning) and we use a company to handle our website and SEO needs which specialises in home service companies. Recently I reached out to see if they could take on my Ecommerce website. As it's not something they've done before they were happy to take it on as their first 'experiment' website before rolling it out to the broader public. I've been super happy with the company so far with their services.

They're asking 1k USD for an initial set up fee and $200/month from there on. This is in contrast to the $399 and $100/month I pay for my home service company's website.

I'm waiting on a total list of what's included for the price. All I know so far is "Due to the complexity of the tools & features which need to be utilised to have these sites run at their best (including a built in CMS)" it'll cost what it costs essentially which seems expensive to me.

My thoughts are that this could be a simple turnkey way to get my website up and going without putting in any of the work (read, my time and lack of expertise) myself. After all I'm not a website developer expert, marketing expert or anything of the sort. On the other side I'm not sure what the going rate to hire a company to build out my website and develop it properly to know if this is expensive or cheap.

If you were starting a new ecommerce website with very little experience in the space, how would you proceed?

Thanks in advance!

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