Is ULINE a Legitimate Business?

I've been getting these huge, 700+ page full-color glossy catalogs from ULINE every quarter for the last five years at least. After looking at the high prices for most of their products, I'm wondering if they're a legitimate business or just a front for something else. Many people I know have also continued receiving these unwanted catalogs.

Almost nobody orders from paper catalogs anymore, when instantaneous orders can be completed on ULINE's own website. They seem to have no problem continually sending me express-postage glossy catalogs that probably cost several dollars to make and ship, when I've never even ordered anything from them. Besides some boxes and shipping supplies, many of their other items such as cleaning supplies and furniture are completely overpriced, and were so even before covid. How can such a business be profitable?

Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any insights to verify that this is a real business, instead of just a front? I'm getting some Madrigal Electromotive vibes here lol.

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